RICH CHOCOLATE -They say chocolate soothes the soul and we must agree.  Made with traditional dark coco powder and all scratch ingredients.

Marble Cakes Also Available

CLASSIC YELLOW -You can never go wrong when feeding large crowds with this classic yellow cake recipe, clean simple ingredients leave your guests satisfied. Marble Cakes also available.

CLASSIC RED VELVET - Rich Velvety Sponge made from scratch.  Classic light chocolate flavor with vibrant red color.  Red Velvet Cake is frosted with our traditional cream cheese frosting

WHITE VELVET CAKE - Sharing the same delicious sponge as the Traditional Red Velvet, this cake states quality!  The perfect cake for wedding cakes, it's rich moist texture is sure to please.

TANGY LEMON - This classic lemon sponge brings a bright fresh flavor to your event.  Made with lemon essential oil, fresh lemon juice and simple ingredients

CARROT - When you want to make a moment special this rich moist carrot cake does the trick.  Made with fresh grated carrots, spices and simple ingredients.  Cake is available with or without Nuts and Raisins

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